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Puerto Vallarta Hill Climb Challenge

P/B VeloGuide

Puerto vallarta | San sebastian del oeste

December 2019



hillclimb challenge tercera edicion

San Sebastián del Oeste 

Jalisco, Mexico | VeloGuide

Únete a Phil Gaimon y Luis Lemus junto con varios ciclistas profesionales locales e internacionales y atletas olímpicos y afronta uno de los ascensos más exclusivos del mundo.

Este evento se llevará a cabo en Jalisco, México donde atletas nacionales e internacionales pelearan contra Phil para ganar el título de King of the Mountain Internacional.

San Sebastián del Oeste es reconocido como un Pueblo Mágico y está ubicado en lo alto de la Sierra Madre de Jalisco, México. El reto consiste en un recorrido de casi 70 kms con porcentajes de inclinación de más de 10% y termina con un último ascenso de 3 kms de empedrado.


Join Phil Gaimon along with a host of other cycling and Olympic pros and tackle one of the most unique climbs in the world.

This event will take place in Jalisco, Mexico where Phil will be joined by other high caliber athletes in the fight to be the ultimate international King of the Mountain.

San Sebastián del Oeste is known as a "pueblo magico" or magical town located high up the Sierra Madre of Jalisco, Mexico. You will be tested on a climb that has multiple double digit grade sections and a final 3 km climb of cobble.


Incredible Vistas

Esta es una rodada desafiante sin duda. El increíble paisaje te inspirara a llegar a la meta. Hay pocos lugares en el mundo tan bellos y majestuosos como nuestro Jalisco México.

Yes this is a challenging ride. Have no doubt. You will be pushed to the limit. That being said, the magic and incredible vistas will give you that push. There are few places in the world as beautiful and majestic as our Jalisco Mexico. 


Serious Cobble

¿Cuándo fue la última vez que rodaste en empedrado? Si bien la mayor parte del recorrido es un pavimento liso, los últimos tres kilómetros de acenso a San Sebastián son desafiantes. Cuando tu cuerpo tiembla y tus manos tiemblan, recuerda que ya casi llegas a la meta.

Welcome to the cobble! While most of the ride is smooth pavement, the last three km of accent to San Sebastian is "no joke".  When your body is shaking and your hands quivering, you need to remind yourself you are almost there.


Pueblo Mágico 

Cuando llegues a San Sebastián, todo ese sufrimiento será un recuerdo lejano. Aquí serás recompensado con deliciosa comida y bebida local. Los recuerdos ciertamente no tendrán precio.

When you arrive to San Sebastián, all that effort will be a distant memory. A pueblo mágico or magical town is what it is known to be. Here you will be rewarded with delicious local food and drink. The memories will certainly be priceless.


Nuestros Patrocinadores

Estamos muy contentos de ser parte de VeloGuide y de tener patrocinadores y socios increíbles involucrados en este evento.

We are excited to be part of the VeloGuide nation and to have some amazing sponsors and partners involved in this event. 



VeloGuide connects travelling cyclists with bikes and guides across the globe. As of May 1, they were in 194 cities and 34 countries. VeloGuide will be hosting several VeloGuide Pros who will be riding in the event. Through their service, you will be able to hire your own VeloGuide to domestique your event or the week prior to ride


bici bucerias

Bici Bucerias is the original road bike tour in Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias Mexico. Bici Bucerias is where the entire idea for VeloGuide began and has since evolved. Join founder and CEO Joel Goralski for a VIP cycling experience leading up to the big event. He will show you more than just the ride, but help immerse you in the culture.



These units will rent out fast for then event do you need to book quickly. Whether you choose the traditional charm of Victoria Villas with its large shared pool, comfortable loungers and covered palapa or the new and more contemporary maraVilla Bucerias, you will enjoy all the comforts we have to offer.

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velo bike

Velo Bike has been a solid supporter of events in the Puerto Vallarta area. They are also the official supplier for bike rentals through VeloGuide and Bici Bucerias. Are you looking to try a new ride? We suggest renting the Specialized Diverge Pro Carbon or Roubaix with "future shock" to take on the cobbles of San Sebastian