Event Details


  • Participants may leave their bags in an assigned vehicle and pick them up at the finish in San Sebastian.

  • There will be 4 hydration stops: Marina Vallarta, Las Palmas, El Puente, San Sebastian

  • Instead of medals, you will receive a gift typical of the region and cookies (in honor of Phil)

  • We have the support of transit and civil protection of the municipalities of Puerto Vallarta and San Sebastian

  • Triathlon bikes with bars not allowed. The cobble would destroy your bike and it would be dangerous


  • The entry for this Hillclimb Puerto Vallarta is open to cyclists over 18 years old.

  • Registration can be done online at HillclimbMX.com. Online registration will close on November 28.

  • VeloGuide has the right to change the registration price, the number of participants and the final date of entry.

  • Each participant is responsible for having sufficient insurance coverage and ensuring that their health is adequate for the event.

  • The entries are not reimbursable or transferable.

  • VeloGuide reserves the right to refuse entry and revoke the registration to any person, at any time, and / or disqualify any participant from the race.

  • The registration includes 4 supply stations, support of sweepers, typical gift of the region (instead of medals), and Huizapol socks

Bikes and equipment

  • Participants must wear a helmet during the entire journey without exception.


  • To be able to identify the ride participants, please put your number on the seat post.

  • THERE WILL BE NO MECHANICAL SUPPORT. All participants must carry spare tubes and an air pump or CO2 cartridge. Cyclists are responsible for their own bicycle repairs and tube changes.

  • Headphones are not allowed.


You can pick up your packages and confirm your participation the day before the event

Caegories and prizes

  • There will be no chips used for timing. Categories are FEMALE and MALE.

  • The event will consist of a steady ride (25 km/hr) to Las Palmas from Velo Bike. From Las Palmas the official race will start.

  • As a reminder, please join STRAVA and upload your ride details to check out the segment stats.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the first three participants to cross the finish line from both categories (Female and Male). The following prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st place: $10,000 MXN, 5 nights in MaraVilla Nayarit, a VeloGuide ride anywhere in the world

  • 2nd place: $6,000 MXN, 4 nights in MaraVilla Nayarit, a VeloGuide ride anywhere in the world

  • 3rd place: $4,000 MXN, 3 nights in MaraVilla Nayarit, a VeloGuide ride anywhere in the world



Each cyclists must obey all laws including signaling, traffic lights and stop signs, unless waived through by police. Violators can be fined by the local police and / or disqualified from the event.

Any participant who present a danger to other riders may be disqualified by VeloGuide.

Personal support cars are not allowed.

No rider shall disrespect other cyclists, race directors, officers, employees, volunteers and spectators.

Violence, foul language or abusive behavior during the event resulted in the disqualification of the participant. 

Any participant who passed a cyclist who is clearly injured or in difficulty should stop to help. The rider can continue if the participant is fine or if medical personnel have arrived.

All participants of the Ride should be committed to protecting our precious environment. Discard your trash only in designated places or at the feed stations. Urinating in public is prohibited.


All participants expressly agree to sign a "waiver" and that those who participate under these rules do so at their own risk. No liability shall be borne by VeloGuide or any of its officers with respect to any loss or damage suffered or caused by anyone competing or participating in the Ride.


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